Journey in Japan : Tokyo

Journey in Japan - Tokyo

Day 1

Tokyo, the most populated city in the world is magical and special not only because it blends  perfection with modernity and tradition but also the language and customs as well. It offers a great choice of shopping, fashion, entertainment, culture and food. Captivated by this country for years, I set off to discover the land of the rising sun.

During my last trip to Japan, I had planned a tight itinerary leaving no room for unplanned events. However on my first morning in Tokyo, I met a Canadian who changed my outlook on the trip. He heard me speaking to my sister in French and started chatting to me. Having been living in Tokyo for years, he was able to share with me some of his experiences and suggested places to visit. It’s always good to meet people with whom you can have that instant connection. A piece of his advice that struck me was that Tokyo is a city that should be looked both horizontally and vertically. For example, you can easily see all the shop fronts as you look ahead of you but if you raise your eyes, you will see many signs indicating restaurants, shops or companies that the buildings also house. Things happen everywhere, you just need to open your eyes! Keep on reading!

The Sitara, more than your usual local

Imagine you lived in your neighbourhood for years and you have passed the same restaurant without even realising that it’s there. I would have continued missing this great local if not for my brother-in-law taking me there on Friday.

IMG_3667.JPGThe Sitara is small family-run restaurant serving Punjabi recipes, headed by the owner Raj Singh and his father. The particularity of this small eatery is that they have live Jazz music once a month however not on the day we visited, the place was nonetheless buzzing. Keep on reading!

The Best Things about Málaga

Beautiful MalagaMálaga, the beautiful Andalusian city, has long been unknown unlike other cities like Sevilla or Cordoba. However it is now becoming the destination of choice for many. The city, also known as capital of Costa del Sol is full of sunshine and is very popular with young people, fashionistas and beach lovers, as well as those more interested in the rich history of the city. Málaga is a welcoming destination rich in culture.

The city is going through an ongoing big renovation project so there are lots of work happening, but nothing major to inconvenience your trip. These work means that there is a change in the aesthetic of the city. The combination of the old (e.g centro historico) and new (port) works well together. Keep on reading!